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> General information Ulyanovsk Medico-biological Journal

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General information

The journal is included by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation in the list of Russian reviewed scientific journals, in which major scientific results of theses for academic degrees of doctor and candidate of science have
to be published. 

1. The journal publishes research results in the fields of medicine, biology, ecology and health-technology. Produced 4 times a year. The editors will accept scientific reviews, articles, original scientific reports, methodological articles, reviews and chronicle of scientific events. The journal publishes articles in the following fields of science: Clinical medicine (internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and radiation diagnosis, immunology and endocrinology, pediatrics, neurology and psychiatry, rehabilitation and sports medicine); Preventive Medicine (individual and public health care services); life sciences, physiology (basic biology and medicine, normal and pathological physiology); general biology (ecology, biodiversity and nature protection).
2. Submission of the paper confirms the full consent of the author with the rules of the journal.
3. The materials are published after they were being peer-reviewed and recommended by experts selected by the editorial board. The editors reserve the right to make cuts or stylistic changes to the text, which do not affect the substantive aspect of the article, without the consent of the author (s)
4. The manuscripts submitted to the editors can not be published previously in other publications (publishing), or simultaneously submitted to other publications (publisher). By putting his signature to the article, the author thereby transfer the rights to publish the article wording ensures that the original article.
5. The editors reserve the right to reject materials that do not meet the subject of the magazine and designed the rules.

The content, authors and abstracts of the articles are available at the site of the journal (the journal is available at elibrary.ru)

Rules for the authors

Author Statement

Policy of Ethical Standards of «Ulyanovsk Medico-Biological Journal»

Journal is printed at the publishing center of Ulyanovsk State University



Editorial board:

Founder Ulyanovsk State University

Midlenko Vladimir Ilyitcheditor-in-chief;
Balykin Mikhail Vasylievich — vice editor-in-chief;
Shutov Aleksandr Mikhailovich — vice editor-in-chief.

The journal is registered in Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications — ПИ № ФС77–47790.

ISSN — 2227-1848

Subscription index in the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation «Pressa Rossii» — 4407.

According to the decision the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission the journal is included in the list of journals, where the scientific results to defend PhD and Doctoral Dissertations can be published.  



Telephone number:

8 (8422) 32-29-80 Midlenko Vladimir Ilich  — editor-in-chief;
8 (8422)37-24-511 Balykin Mikhail Vasylievich — vice editor-in-chief;
8 (8422) 55-27-08 Shutov Aleksandr Mikhailovich — vice editor-in-chief;
8(8422)37-24-511 Antipov Igor Viktorovich — executive editor.

E-mail: ulsubook@yandex.ru

Postal address:
432017, Ulyanovsk, Lev Tolstoy St., 42, Ulyanovsk State University, Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Culture, Professor Balykin M.V.